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captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> eric: we start with a "fox news alert" on the debt show down, the clock is ticking to the next round of critical talks. will be held at the white house later today. president obama's vision for a grand bargain on debt, taxes, and spending, well, hit a major roadblock. good morning i'm eric sean and right now, get glentown oak laminate flooring just 68 cents a sqre foot. welcome to america's news headquarters, for this sunday morning. >> jamie: you are seeing a live picture at the white house, that is where all of the action is, i'm jamie colby, good have you here, we are inching closer to a a debt ceiling deadline and house speaker john boehner demanding a scaled-back deal saying, quote, despite good-faith efforts to find common ground, the white house will not pursue a bigger debt
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reduction agreement without those tax hikes. the white house had this response: both parties have made real progress thus far and to back off now will not only fail to solve our fiscal challenge it will confirm the cynicism people have about politics in washington. charles hurt, columnist for the washington times, joins me now. good to see you, charles, good morning. >> goods to be with you, jamie. >> jamie: how much of a role do politics play for the white house in this, in actually proposing a deal, that maybe wasn't as realistic, as what speaker boehner is now saying he wants to push for? >> i think, jamie, you put your finger right on it. you know, this was all about the white house really wanting to sort of step up to the plate, and to get credit for doing some really, really tough work that seemed pretty much impossible. you know, all of the focus has been on the fact that republicans refuse to accept
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raising taxes on the people who have already paid the most as we -- you know, as lawmakers here in washington have gotten us into this giant mess and don't want to raise any more taxes. but, the other thing a lot of people forget. the democrats have steadfastly refused to address the g gargantuan problems of social security and medicare and those entitlement programs, that have to be reformed and they are reluck attend to be dealing with flattening the tax code mangie i -- making it simpler and these are initiatives, the democrats wants to act like those are not problems. and, so even if president obama had managed to reach some grand bargain, very likely, that his own party would probably bolt from him, when it tried to get coming up live from washington, ahead of the meeting from the white house, you'll hear from several lawmakers. mike crapo joins us live for latest on the debt talk. an congressman charles rangel says the whole thing could be solved by asking what would jesus do? so we'll ask the congressman how he answers that question.
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through congress. >> jamie: you actually now hit on the point i was curious about. how do you protect the base if you are the president? your base, when you are facing such a dismal jobs report on friday, and, you know that august 2nd looms. that is the date we default. which we've never done. >> i really think the white house is getting very nervous and president obama especially with the jobs, recent jobs report, and, other indicators, that suggest we're in for plus, presidential contender ron paul wins yet another straw poll and joins us live for the latest on his campaign and what he thinks washington should do about medicare. a man who has overcome unbelievable tragedy and works nonstop on behalf of those who are disabled. don't miss his inspiring story. we'll see you at the top of the hour. >> eric: it may be summer but is it hot in some part of the country. another deep rough patch, i think, they are getting very nervous about re-election. and, the big winner out of a grand bargain, would have absolutely been president obama, because, the not only would things have hopefully improved but he also could take credit for making a really big grown-up decision. going forward, though, you know, in two years, or actually, in one year, now, next year, after extreme heat. temperatures soared in the triple digits. some places are even breaking records for the annual average number of 100-degree days. it's only early july. maria molina live with the details. >> we are experiencing extreme heat across the plains because of a storm system off the northern plains. that is helping them pool a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico and warm air from the south and further north. we have current temperatures,
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the election, it is hard for me to see how republicans will not actually be in a better position, even if they don't win the white house, there is a good chance they'll win the senate and almost certainly still control the house and i think republicans will be in a tremendously strong position, to get the kind of deal that speaker boehner went in there looking for, but clearly was not going to get from the white house. >> jamie: charlie, seems like those dismal job numbers may have changed the imperative for still morning hours out here. kansas city is already 88-degrees. 90 in memphis. 82348 dallas. factor in the humidity and the temperatures will feel like between five and 15-degrees across the temperatures so heat index is in the 90s already. it feels like 99 right now in memphis. that will continue to increase as we get more sunshine in the region. the forecast heat in the valley, 107 in kansas. 107 in tulsa. 106 in memphis. so guys it will be a scorching the house white house. how close are both sides to accepting the proposal that vice presidented by eb was able to negotiate and is that all we need? will it get us where we need to be with respect to the debt ceiling? >> absolutely. and, i think the two sides are actually fairly close, especially because both sides know that if they don't just arrive at some sort of solution, that we will wind up in a hot day out there today. a number of heat advisories in illinois, nebraska, and down to northern louisiana. georgia and alabama. a hot day out there. stay safe. >> eric: thank you so much. jamie? >> jamie: thank you, eric. a significant story about an american flag that flew above wreckage of the world trade center in the days after
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disaster with, you know, the default, and, neither side -- that is not good for anybody. that is -- and it is political russian roulette, you never know who will get the most blame, on this side of things but, then, once it happens, whoever gets blamed is going to be blamed really, really, you know, it will be a tough punishment. >> jamie: without question, there's a lot at stake for both sides, we'll monitor the meeting later today at the white house, september 11. who could forget it? now out's making its way -- now it's making its way back to new york city. shepard smith has this remarkable story. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it appeared over ground zero in the days after 9/11, a flag that was charlie, thanks so much. >> thanks, jamie. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: jamie, they said pakistan didn't do enough, if much avenue anything to help find usama bin laden and maybe even protected him and this morning relations between that key u.s. ally and partner in the fight against terror, is standing on even shakier ground. a report this morning in the "new york times" says the u.s. could suspend a big chunk of military aid to pakistan. and it is a lot of our money, $800 million, in security meant to be a symbol of hope. it fell apart and that upset volunteers picking up the pieces of the twin towers. >> it became an issue with the construction workers after a couple of weeks because of the deterioration it was suffering blowing in the wind against the collapsed scaffolding. >> the construction manager charlie had a clean-up crew take it down in october of 2001. >> there were a lot of pieces missing. shredded pretty good. >> he put it away for seven years. charlie was going to have the
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assistance. peter doocy live in washington with the details. are we looking to cut off the military of pakistan completely? >> reporter: no, but, as you said, "new york times" is reporting that we might cut $800 million out of the 2-plus billion we give pakistan in security assistance and that is because the administration does not apparently think they are being helpful in catching militant and, probably because pakistan kicked 100 of our army trainers out of the country the last few weeks and it comes very very, shortly after the strain flag honorably retired but instead, he and his friend jeff decided to let america bring old glory back to its former glory. >> the national 9/11 flag on a 50-state journey, where we let local service heroes and communities around the country stitch it back together. >> the journey started when charlie and jeff went to greensberg, kansas, in 2008 to help folks rebuilding after devastating tornado. on the u.s. relationship which was exposed following our raid on their soil to kill bin laden and earlier this week the new secretary of defense, panetta said, it is important pakistan knows why we need to be on the same team. >> we have to continue to emphasize with the pakistanis, in the end it is in their interest to be able to go after these, you know, targets as well. and, you know, in the discussions i have had with them, i have to say, that, you a group of women that patched the ground zero flag back together like a good old fashioned quilting bee. >> there is so many things we can't make whole again but this we can make whole. >> reporter: today stars and stripes looking less like a quilt and more like its original self. matching patches of fabric from other flags hold it together. one person at a time. one stitch at a time. americans hand sewing the flag in towns across the country including places touched by tragedy, like pearl harbor in
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know, they have given us cooperation, in going after some of these targets. we have got to continue to push them to do that. that is the key. >> reporter: and something else "the new york times" article points out, is that the united states potential decision here, would not affect nonmilitary aid payment. eric? >> eric: again what has the president said about the military payments to the pakistan military? >> well, earlier this week, more broadly, president obama explained why he thinks it is so important, though we are kind of hawaii and fort hood in texas. >> when we are all done we'll have 20,000 to 30,000 stitches. >> local heroes getting first dib with the needle and thread but anyone can line up to take a turn. each stitch as individual as the people who make them. >> i apologize because my tears are on the flag. >> she cried when she made a stitch in honor of her son killed on duty overseas a few strapped for cash, to keep helping foreign countries. listen here: >> president barack obama: i think america should be a leader in the world to have influence, to help stabilize countries, create opportunities for people so that they don't breed terrorists or create huge refugee flows and so forth. it is smart for us to make a very modest investment in foreign aid, it is a force multiplier and is something that months after 9/11. >> i realized the sacrifice truly not only my son but all of the others that we've lost in service to our country. >> every time you hear star spangled banner and rockets red glare, proof through the night that the flag was still there, it's still here. to me it's getting more beautiful every day. >> jamie: so beautiful. that flag has 15 more states to go, plus washington, d.c., before the tenth anniversary
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even in tough fiscal times, america needs to continue to do it. >> reporter: and, it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds, because, keep in mind, pakistan is very important to our operations in afghanistan, as a supply route. eric? >> eric: we'll be talking to former u.s. ambassador, john bolton about pakistan and al qaeda. peter, thank you, jamie. >> jamie: a bold assessment on the war on terror from defense secretary leon.naet, the pentagon chief saying the u.s. of september 11. once it's fully restored it will become part of the permanent collection at the 9/11 memorial museum, which is under construction now at ground zero. we'll be back in a moment. yotake any surce, and place it between the earth's justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪call 1-800-steemer. is within reach of defeating al qaeda and making the comments on the first trip to afghanistan since taking the post. david piper is streaming live from kabul with more. david? >> reporter: hi, jamie. yes, america's new defense secretary already traveling around the country, finding out what the situation is on the ground here. today, he has been in southern afghanistan, where the majority of the fighting has been taking place in recent years. and, where the majorities of u.s. forces are currently based. this is of course panetta's you get nothing for driving safely. truth: at allstate, you get a check in the mail ice a year, every year you don't have an accident. the safe driving bonus check. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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first overseas trips since being appointed to his new role an afghanistan is a key responsibility for him. the defense secretary has been, though, very up beat about prospects of defeating al qaeda. >> now is the moment, following what happened with bin laden, to put maximum pressure on them. because i do believe that if we continue this effort, that we can really cripple al qaeda. as a threat to the this country. >> reporter: the defense is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. secretary said the strategy for doing this is through military operations, and also, capturing or killing fewer than 20 of the tear group's key leaders, and operating in countries between near and afghanistan, and, north africa. his up beat assessment comes as afghanistan prepares for a gradual draw down of u.s. troops, which begins this summer and he has had a meeting with hamid karzai already to discuss the drawdown and of course the role of afghan forces, when it happens. they are about to take the lead in some areas, with force being
10:10 am
handed over this month and, panetta said he hoped to drive the taliban to peace talks during the period when u.s. force draw down and is key they keep the pressure up now so there is a chance of some kind of reconciliation in the country. back to you, jamie. >> jamie: thanks so much, david. >> eric: so is secretary panetta's assessment of al qaeda on target or is the install installed pentagon chief possibly speaking too early? for more, let's bring in fox news contributor and former ambassador totty nations, john bolton, who joins us this morning from jerusalem. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: panetta's prediction sounds awfully optimistic. you hope he's right. we got bin laden. does that mean in your view we can actually finish off al qaeda, once and for all? >> well, you know, this is almost 180° switch for the administration. president obama had told us for some time that those old-fashioned concepts of victory and defeat were really outmoded and we need to think
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about success, rather than victory. now, we have secretary panetta, saying that merely by killing 8 or 10 al qaeda leaders, we can achieve strategic defeat of al qaeda and so the pendulum has someone, in the right direction but way too far and is consistent with the administration's narrative having killed bin laden we can get a few more and we have won the war on terror. having defined that simply as the war on kwaeld. and, therefore, massive u.s. troop reductions in afghanistan and possibly elsewhere, become more easily justified. >> eric: is that as you call it "narrative" correct in your view or is it political posturing. >> a lot of it is posturing, to make sure the administration can achieve the objectives, i think it set for itself some time ago and it is dangerous in most particularly trying to reduce the war against terrorism, simply to going after al qaeda. as important as al qaeda is,
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this conflict has metastasized since 9/11 and it is much more complex than just al qaeda. which in any event is a much more disbursed organization, distributed network as they like to say, not a small higherarchil clique. >> eric: and they said the leaders, 10 to 20 and if they kill them, can cripple al qaeda, they think, but, all over the >> jamie: parents looking to treat their kids to summer fun may have to dig deeper in their wallets this year. many of the big theme parks and resorts are now jacking up the prices. experts saying this year's type are worse than usual. let's find out why. julie banderas live in the new york newsroom. what's up? >> as you might plan the summer family trip on a budget, some not so fun summer news for you. the big three amusement parks are getting ready for the peak summer season welcoming you with higher prices. world we have thousands of terrorists, who want to kill us. >> after 9/11, this was correctly described as a long war. americans are an impatient people, and it is a great virtue in many respects but it is still a long was, even after the killing of usama bin laden. and, not having the patience and the diligence to pursue it, ultimately, will work to our disadvantage and nobody knows that better than al qaeda, taliban, and the other terrorists that are waiting for us, to lose our will to defeat recent weeks, disney land in anaheim, california, raised the price of the popular three-day pass 9% to $224. that is for a three-day pass. walt disney world in orlando, florida, hiked the adult pass by 4%. u.s. orlando increased gate price on the ticket by 11% to $156. by the way, the orlando parks also raised the one-day adult passes as well. $3 to $85. while disney land raised the
10:13 am
them. >> eric: it may be longer if the report in u.s.a. to"usa today" correct, about iran, harboring and keeping al qaeda's leaders including bin laden's children and the military strategist, the head of al qaeda's military, who according to "usa today" went to pakistan. what is this all about? >> i think this is an interesting new development, the relationship between iran and al qaeda has been, as they say, complicated. but, make no mistake, iran is one-day adult pass to $4 to $80. now while big theme parks raise the prices headed to the peak summer season. experts are saying this year's hikes are higher than usual. the park spokes people say they need to raise the prices to keep up with the rising cost. but for consumers trying to keep their heads up in a recession, the travel experts say there are other options. >> there is what we call the staycation phenomena. people, because of the economy fully prepared to fund and to arm and otherwise support anti-american terrorists, even if they are sunni as contrasted with the shia rulers of iran and they've aided the taliban in the past an aided, financed and armed hamas in the gaza strip and certainly have no love for al qaeda's religious views, but, to wound america, shush, they'll cooperate with them, absolutely. are staying close to home. so they are making less of the big trips, say to orlando and visiting say the local theme park. they take advantage of that. >> now the average daily adult ticket price at theme parks nationwide is $49.75. that is 40% less than day pass to disney land according to a survey of 72 park by the international association of amusement parks. another action to look for the discounts. there is always discounts. local residents of the big three park get special rates by the way.
10:14 am
>> eric: if you took zawahiri, in pakistan and, anwar al-awlaki in yemen, how do we get them and what do we do if iran tries to protect them? >> it shows the complicated nature of the war and you mentioned yemen and there is still enormous instability an al-qaeda making successes on the ground, even as iranian backed shia terrorist in the north, also making advances. experts advise buying tickets online or scouring the social media website and the theme park website for the best summer deals. >> jamie: i love 99 cents and 75 cents, like you don't realize it's an extra dollar. >> i like how they round down. >> thank you. it's a shame. eric? >> new debate today over the media and the coverage of the cald perp walks. like this walk of former and that is why i think it is premature to talk about strategic defeat of al qaeda, by getting a few more leaders. it is much more complicated and spreads to different countries where there are different circumstances, we are not talking about a corporate hierarchy where we an knock off the board of directors and expect the company to collapse, would that it were that easy. >> eric: especially if tehran is in their corner, u.s. ambassador john bolton, from jerusalem, to, i.m.f. chief dominique strauss-kahn who was is accused and not convicted. liz trotta has more on the media debate ahead. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats
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always good to see you, every sunday morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: a strong earthquake rocking the northeastern coast of japan and rattling buildings as far away as tokyo. the 7.3 magnitude earthquake hitting the same general area that was battered four months ago, the march earthquake and tsunami killed nearly 23,000 people and several damaged a nuclear power plant and the new quake sparked a tsunami warning which was eventually lifted that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." without any tsunami being recorded. >> eric: docking day for the astronauts, two days after blasting off for the final historic mission, the four man crew is heading toward the international space station and the big task, delivering a huge 25,000 pound module filled with food, clothing, spare parts and science supplies to replenish the station for the whole next year. >> jamie: and the clock is ticking down to default day, and, in just hours, president obama will hold the next it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit
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critical round of debt talks, in washington. will we see a deal? we'll find out what administration officials and lawmakers are already saying, ahead of that meeting. and, it is their right. but, are military men and women being cheated in the voting process? we'll tell you what a stunning new report will reveal, this week, an exclusive look from our fox news voter fraud unit. stay with us. we'll be right back. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use?
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10:19 am
was caught having daliances with the maid, a black maid in a so-called luxury hotel in manhattan charged with rain and the rest of it. anyhow, now, the charges have not be dropped. what emerged is a picture of a very shady character, the woman involved. they don't have a case, the prosecution is, and maybe the charges should be dropped. they have already told dsk he doesn't have to be under house arrest anymore, he is free to wonder around the new york five-star restaurants. what this has done the fact he may be innocent, quote/unquote, touched off a real debate about the perp walk which you just mentioned. that is after they arrest somebody, and whether they bring them out of the jail, out of the precinct, or out of jail or out of court whichever way they transport the
10:20 am
>> eric: a tragedy at a kroger supermarket in harper woods, michigan, a truck crashed into the store, the accident happened when the truck was hit by a car which forced off the road and, sent it slamming into the store and, one worker described the fear of another colleague, prisoners, the press is tipped off in advance. it's been going on that way more than a century and a convenience so everybody can get a good picture of him. you i don't know the number but my guess is the majority of the people are guilty. that would take more staff and time than i have at my command. here is an example of the thing we're seeing now. not only here but abroad, especially in france and england about the perp walk. loading boxes at the time. >> flying out, of the door and landed on the floor. and he was screaming and crying. he was very scared and he couldn't breathe and his shoulder was... he just got done saying, i have three children, i have three children, i don't want to die. >> eric: a fire official said the area is nicknamed, dead man's curve because the spot has been known for so many accidents. this is from the "daily beast" by tony dokeville. i hope i pronounce his name correctly. the public has a right to know, it's often said, but people also have a right to a fair trial and freedom from an undue flogging. the perp walk threatens both. punishment is doled out in perp walk photos. the presumption of innocence is replaced in the popular mind at least with a wildly held presumption of guilt.
10:21 am
>> jamie: today is the day, sunday and there is a show down over a ballooning debt in the country. president obama and congressional leaders facing off in just hours, at the white house. both sides trying to find middle ground to tackle the looming budget crisis and senate republican leader mitch mcdonnell discussed the search for a deal in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday. >> we're talking about using this request that the president made of is, to raise the debt buttressed but a damaging photograph. who doesn't look guilty after spending the night in jail?" there you have a nub of the argument, that the perp walk is maybe convenience for journalists but it's certainly not an -- it certainly is something that can really indict an innocent person before all the facts are in. now, i know i would almost hesitate to say they should do away with it. i know eric, you are going to jump on me for this. i really think it's time to ceiling, as an opportunity to do something really significant. for the country. about spending and about debt. and that of course would also be good for the economy. >> jamie: joining me special report anchor, bret baier, filling in for chris wallace, today on food sunday. good morning. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: really significant looks less likely at this point. how far apart do you think both sides of the aisle are on this? as we face this crisis and the look at the perp walk, because really it is hard, very difficult to imagine that somebody is innocent after you have seen them unshaved, fainting from fatigue. handcuffed. in their rumpleed clothes. being marched off by cops. how do you then say that was an innocent guy? >> eric: that is the point you raised. the people are innocent under our system. they have not been convicted. the defense attorneys have been known to put a raincoat
10:22 am
deadline is looming? >> well it still seems they are pretty far apart, after a phone call between speaker boehner and president obama, who is at camp david -- was there last night, came the press release from boehner's office, saying he now favors a smaller deal, a package that does not include tax hikes and they were still on the table according to republicans, from the administration's point of view. it also takes away some of the over handcuffs to hide them in the past but raises a terrific issue. >> one other note, too, as you probably know, our mayor who has again talked out of both sides of his mouth was putting the perp walk down. >> eric: we have to end e. entitlements, that were being talked about en a big-ticket item, that -- big package, that includes, of course, social security, medicare, and medicaid. and according to senator mcconnell, there is still some questions about how you get to even smaller scaled-back deals of $2.5 trillion, in debt reduction. and, that is what they'll have to work on tonight at the white house. >> jamie: when you look at the jobs numbers, from friday, we were talking about it with charlie hurt as well, i'm sure senator mcconnell, it is in the
10:23 am
back of his mind i'm sure as it will for everyone who will attend the meeting, how do you potentially, if the white house gets what it wants, raise taxes an ensure that employers will still hire? >> well, it hardens the positions on both sides. republicans took it to say that very thing. that raising taxes much like president obama said last year, remember when he extended the bush tax cuts, said it's the wrong time to raise taxes, republicans took that tax and democrats harden on the entitlements, saying you need to have the security nets in place, and don't touch at all the benefits in any way, shape or form. the bottom line is, you have two hardened sides, and you have this deadline of august 2nd. that is the treasury secretary, said today, is not movable and he cannot give congress more time and there is doubt about that from lawmakers including senator dmijim diment who is al on the program and it is clear in some way, shape or form the debt ceiling will be raised.
10:24 am
the question is, how close do you get to the deadline and what exactly comes out of it. >> jamie: you have to leave cushion with the deadline to get legislation passed, too, if august 2nd is the, you know, drop dead date. really, time is of the essence and we can't wait to see the interviews to hear a preview of what will happen at meeting later. thanks for being with us, bret. >> appreciate it. have a good day. >> jamie: have a good show. don't miss bret's conversation with senator mcconnell, the interview will air later today on fox news sunday and bret is also going to speak with republican senator as he said, jim demint and you can catch it here, on the fox news channel. at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m., eastern. >> jamie: and this white house is facing major backlash over the decision to try a suspected terrorist, in civilian court. right here on u.s. soil. we'll find out who is pushing back against the move, and why. the morning cup of joe this morning? did you know coffee could potentially help fight off alzheimer's? we'll tell you what doctors are
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>> eric: president obama and congressional leaders are returning to the table this evening, for debt talks. and republicans are dismissing the $4 trillion plan over potential tax hikes and house speaker john boehner says he'll pursue a deal half that size. and, the space shuttle atlantis, closing in on the space station, preparing to dock one final time and prior to that the crew is inspecting the shuttle's skin for any launch damage, and thankfully, no additional damage reported, in japan's crippled nuclear plant, after a strong earthquake there, today. the 7.3 magnitude earthquake prompted a tsunami warning that was later lifted without incident. ♪ >> jamie: time for "sunday house
10:29 am
call" and look at him, check out the tan! fresh from vacation! "sunday house call" host, dr. isadore rosenfeld! come on, give me that big smile, doc, the rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell smell center. it is good to see you, doctor! >> stan, i don't think tans are good for you. >> jamie: i know. >> this is makeup, i don't want anybody who thinks this is fantastic to go out in the sun and get burned. it is bad for you. i congratulate the makeup artist who makes it look natural. >> jamie: yes, i believe they hooked you up this morning. >> and tans are no good for you. >> eric: spray it on. >> jamie: great to see you, we'll talk about something that affects so many people, if you are on high blood pressure medication the doctor wants you to know, the specific time of say when you should actually take those medications. when and why, doc? >> well you take them, why, you take the medications, to lower your blood pressure. now, generally, you go to a
10:30 am
doctor and he or she finds your blood pressure high and it is -- he says, here take the pill, within a day, and, what they should be telling you, and what i'm telling you now, is that the west time to take medication to lower your blood pressure is at night, before you go to bed. for some reason, that is the most effective time for -- your blood pressure is most apt to be controlled if you take the medications at night. >> jamie: and that's the why, it is most apt to be controlled. good news. thanks for telling us about it. >> yes. and it's an easy thing to do. >> eric: this week there is disturbing news about obesity in our country, the report shows obesity rates have risen in just about every state and with it, diabetes and high blood pressure. doctor, the new information about the risk of this with teens? >> yes. children. kids who are overweight, are for
10:31 am
some reason vulnerable, more vulnerable to developing cancer in mid life. and it doesn't matter if they lose the weight by mid life, if they were overweight when they were very young, teenagers, or younger, they are at increased risk for cancer when they reach mid life. so, if you you or any youngsters watching this, or if a parent is watching this, is extremely -- it is extremely important to control the weight when you are still young. doing it later, or in mid life, will not reduce your risk of cancer. which is increased by overweight at a young age. >> jamie: that is important, thank you, doctor. >> jamie: we are seeing more and more health benefits to drinking coffee. yes! we are talking about some cancer-fighting benefits, too
10:32 am
and it turns out coffee can also be good for your brain. fill us in, doc. >> there is no question about it. drinking coffee on a regular basis reduces the risk and the incidence of alzheimer's later in life. the caffeine in coffee combines with some other chemicals to reduce that risk. the statistics show that people who drink coffee on a regular basis, maybe 2-3 cups a day, minimum, have a lower incidence of alzheimer's. >> jamie: do you think, doc, decaf can be beneficial? >> i don't think so. because, although we don't know exactly what it is in coffee, i think the caffeine plays a role. >> any amount of cups that you should partake in every morning or during the day. >> i think, you know, 2-3 cups of coffee a day is good.
10:33 am
is the optimum dose. >> eric: great, to hear about that. a serious warning for people who regularly take ibuprofen, your risk of a stroke or heart attack can drastically rise if you regularly take those. this is alarming. tell us about it. >> yes, it is and i cannot explain it but the statistics show that people who are on these painkillers on a regular basis appear to be at a higher risk for stroke or heart attack, vascular disease. i don't know what the ingredients are, but, this is a statistic that you should know about. and, i think what i would do is probably stay with aspirin, and rather than going on these nondestroyedal anti-inflammatory drugs which statistically have a higher risk of you developing a stroke or heart attack later in
10:34 am
life. >> jamie: you are hearing a lot about the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories now, and there are more and more warnings and do you think the fda will take another look? >> they may. in my experience of practicing medicine, for the last 95 years... i have found that we start off with a drug that is approved by the fda, people take it for several years, and, then all of a sudden they find that it is no good for you and so on. and, that boils down to what i always tell my patients, there is a little poison in every medicine. and it is better to control your symptoms without medication, if you can. i mean, for example, if you have high blood pressure, and are overweight, you know, lose -- try to lose your weight. that may drop your pressure, significantly, instead of running to take a high blood pressure pill. >> eric: you have also talked about the benefits of aspirin and you are a big proponent of
10:35 am
baby aspirin? >> and i think every adult, especially somebody who is at risk, for a vascular event, a stroke or a heart attack, should be on a baby aspirin, 81 milligram aspirin once a day. i take it myself, because although i had my bar mitzvah two weeks ago, i think that prophylactic aspirin is good for most adults. unless you have, you know, stomach problems, bleeding or other things, but if there is no contraindication to the aspirin it is a good idea to take it. >> jamie: something to talk to your doctor about, the side effects of a common medication, actually the topic of our myth or fact. dr. rosenfeld helps us clear u medical misconceptions and doctor, you say there is a misconception about how antibiotics may affect the birth control pillses. you wants those to work. >> some people think that that is so and i have spoken to women who are taking contraceptive
10:36 am
pills and they are worried if they develop an infection and are prescribed an antibiotic are worried the antibiotic will reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill. and that is a myth. antibiotics have no effect on these contraceptive pills. if you need an antibiotic you should take it and continue to take your contraceptive pill, if you need it. >> eric: all right, doctor. coming up, a grim warning for smokers, with diabetes. we'll tell you what doctors are saying about that. and, dr. rosenfeld will fill you in, whether or not you should think twice about lighting up. plus, president obama tied up in debt deal talks later today. what about the dismal june jobs report? coming up, our political panel will weigh in on what kind of impact the unemployment rate will have on tonight's big meeting at the white house. [ m] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver
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>> jamie: deadly violence erupting south of the u.s. bored border -- border, killing at least 17 and among the dead, customers and workers and it is not clear what sparked the massacre but a high powered weapon as used sthiein the shoo suggesting it was drug cartel related and, the city known as a battleground for drug gangs fighting for control. ♪ >> eric: back with "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfe rosenfeld, if you are diabetic and smoke, it may make you want to quit. new information is out, cigarettes are deadly for people who have diabetes. doctor, what advice do you have for those who have diabetes and smoke? >> this is simply another example of the risk people take when they smoke regularly. there is the complication of vascular disease, hearts
10:41 am
attacks, strokes, from smoking, cancer, and so on, but, people who have diabetes, are especially vulnerable. because the nicotine in cigarettes raises blood sugar. and, you know, in a -- somebody with diabetes, the higher the blood sugar, the greater the risk of kidney and vascular complications, so you want to keep your sugar as low or as normal as possible. and, the nicotine in cigarettes, raises the blood sugar. so, in addition to all of the dangers of smoking, add that to your list. >> eric: many people may not be aware of that or think smoking would raise blood sugar. >> that's right. that is why we have it on the program. the most people don't know it. >> jamie: i imagine a lot of... >> what? >> jamie: i imagine a lot of smokers are tuning in, so it is good to give them another reason, especially for the
10:42 am
people who live with them, second-hand smoke. >> yeah. >> jamie: for smokers or people who have given up smoking, one good thing you can do, is get screened regularly for lung cancer, and there is new information on what kind of screening you should be getting, though, most people get chest x-rays. doc, you have another recommendation. what do you want people to know. >> you are quite right. i have many patients who have been smokers for a long time and they are worried, with the passage of time, the history of smoking, makes them nor vulnerable to lung cancer and so, straegs, they ask for -- traditionally ask for a chest x-ray to make sure there is no early cancer in their lungs and i want to tell you, if you have the concern, you should have a ct scan of the chest, rather than a regular chest x-ray. because although a chest x-ray is effective, for picking up most cancers, a ct scan is much more sensitive in picking up a
10:43 am
small, early lung cancer. >> jamie: how much more effective, do you think, doc? will insurance cover that? >> depends on your policy. mine does. and we can meet afterwards and i'll tell you what insurance i have. but, i'm sure that most insurance companies will cover a screen, ct scan in somebody who has been a long term smoker. >> jamie: big concern with lung cancer is there is a lung cancer we have heard about with dana reeve, for example, christopher reeve's wife, that is symptomless and you could be a nonsmoker. who should go for a chest x-ray, or a cat scan, even if you don't smoke? >> well, i must say that from an economic point of view, i cannot recommend that people who are not smokers, who have no symptoms, i mean, if you have a chronic cough, that can't be
10:44 am
explained, these are reasons to have a chest x-ray, or ct scan. i can't recommend the ct scan for everybody who doesn't have a family history, has no symptoms, isn't a smoker. i can't recommend that. it's not economic, but if you have any of these vulnerabilities, a cough that can't be explained in any other way, a family history of lung cancer, a history of smoking, then you should have the ct scan. and, the ct scan is in my opinion much more effective for detecting early disease, in the lung, than a chest x-ray. >> jamie: good to know family history plays a role. i didn't know that. >> eric: you talked about family history in all of our health and how important that is. you are right. it is summer and you know what that means and you get outside and most of us know to put the sunscreen on before we go outdoors but there has not been
10:45 am
specific medical evidence, how effective it can be, protecting us against skin cancer and that is still now and there are studies out, and new information on sunscreen? >> the evidence is, of course, whatever -- whatever i have to tell you, if you spend hours and hours in the sun, and are not expected by sunscreen, you are running the risk of developing a melanoma. now, the evidence now is something we have suspected for a long time. the use of sunscreen, when you are out for long periods of time in the sun, is protective and reduces the incidence of skin cancer by about half. so, if you love the sun like i do, use sunscreen to protect yourself. >> eric: you never know what number to go to. i have been going to the highest number when i go to the drug store. >> why not? >> eric: good advice? >> why not. >> eric: there are warnings they will not be able to claim on
10:46 am
sunscreen, any more it is sweat-proof or waterproof. what do you recommend to your patients about reapplying? >> i think is ought to be reapplied, i'm not an expert on this, but just reading the data and so on, i would say every couple of hours. >> jamie: children more vulnerable? >> yes, they are and i would give to it them every hour but the main thing about these children is, keep them out of the sun for prolonged... don't let them sit in the sun prolonged periods of time. >> eric: especially the he wat the day, 10:00 to 2:00 or 11:00 to 12:00, and most sears times and the most sensible thing people can do, wear a hat or a cap. >> a hat with a brim. >> jamie: and you also recommend to sit in the sun or get a little bit of light or sunks maybe for 10 minutes a day, for the vitamin d, don't you. >> that's right, that is a very good point but that is not the same as sun bathing.
10:47 am
>> jamie: okay. we can still do that. >> you need half-hour in the daylight to maintain your vitamin d level, that is true. >> jamie: what about your monday tip, it is sunday and the doc gives us one tip and we know we have to use sunscreen but you have another tip on actual use. what do you look for in your sunscreen? >> make sure the sunscreen contains zinc. because that is the most important ingredient in sunscreen. it protects -- the zinc in the sunscreen protects you against uva and uvb radiation. and, it's not absorbed in the skin -- by the skin. >> jamie: and here's good news, you know how lifeguards had the white zinc on their noses, they now make it clear, no excuse not to follow your monday tip, doc! >> eric: use zinc. >> jamie: and if you... >> eric: if you have a question, any question, he answers them, a lot of them personally.
10:48 am
from his study during the week and you can send any question you have on medical matters to and, if you want more information about the house call today, or any of the previous shows, you can log onto, lower case and check out the doc's great advice he gives us every sunday and today, if there is one thing to take away, reapply, reapply, reapply. >> jamie: and the best part, eric, it is free! thanks, doc. >> thank you. next week we'll do a myth. >> jamie: okay. we like those. debunking! meanwhile, speaking of debunking, the debt is the big question. at the white house. republicans are accusing the white house of defying not only congress, but, the will of the people. this is another story we want to tell you about, bringing terror suspects onto u.s. soil, we'll talk to the house homeland security chairman peter king, joining us live, on this
10:49 am
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>> jamie: violence erupting in malaysia, riot police cracking down on more than 20,000 protesters, demanding electoral reform. the officers firing round after round of tear gas, to break up the crowds, and, witnesses are saying that riot police with
10:53 am
batons charged some of the protesters, and dragged them into trucks. the police arresting hundreds of them, before it was over. >> eric: extreme heat is blistering the southern plains today. as temperatures soar into the triple digits. some places are even breaking records for the annual average number of 100° days, and you know it is still early in july and maria molina, live in the fox extreme weather center, it is extremely hot. >> the midwest and southern plains and portions of the mississippi valley and louisiana and the state of tennessee, look at current temperatures, already, this morning, across the region, looking at highs in the upper -- temperatures in the upper 80s in memphis, tennessee an factor in the humidity and it feels like it is 97°, right now, in memphis, and the heat, and head westbound, not much better,
10:54 am
94° in little rock, humid aside from the heat in the air and we think the temperatures will rise as we continue to get more sunshine an humidid humidity, fg into the region and, heat index values in the triple digits, 106 in memphis and 108 in little rock, this is dangerous and there are a number of heat advisoad advisories out and stretching from portions to have kansas to alabama and mississippi and even portions of western kentucky and what you can do in these areas, to stay safe, if you are headed outdoors for a long period of time, go ahead and stay hydrated and try and wear light colored clothing, and not the purple i'm wearing and loose fitting clothing to stay safe, if you are headed outdoors for a long period of time, as we head further north there is a storm system today we'll track that will produce a risk for severe weather from nebraska into wisconsin. and the greatest concerns are large hail and damaging wind gusts and we cannot rule out an isolated tornado and again,
10:55 am
those damaging wind gusts could reach 50 miles per hour or greater. so that will be the concern. now, not much going on, we do have heavier batches of rain, in portions of wisconsin and, we'll see the activity pick up throughout the day. >> eric: the heat can really get to you, great advice, hope everybody heeds that today. thanks, jamie. >> jamie: congressional leaders and the president sitting down again today, to talk deficit reduction, will they be able to reach a deal in time? we'll head to the white house, next. and, an exclusive look at an important new report. are u.s. soldiers deprived of their votes in elections? shocking new numbers show how many ballots are not being counted. [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to s in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping.
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♪ >> eric: a fox news alert on the next critical debt meeting that could save our country from the default. president obama holding a new round of talks at the white house hours from now. will we see a deal later today or will the major standoff continue? good morning. i feel'm eric shawn. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters for this sunday morning. >> jamie: great to be with you, eric. great to have you here as well. i'm jamie colby. president obama's called for a grand bargain hilting a major roadblock. at the white house. republicans don't want to see tax hikes in any debt deal. instead, calling for scaled-back reduction plan.
11:00 am
they won't lift spending. so how will it play out in the debt talk this evening? senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler live at the white house for us today on sunday. we appreciate it, wendell. what is the very latest? >> reporter: no one expected a deal tonight, but house speaker john boehner's letter last night saying that the white house and congress should give up the push for up to $4 trillion in deficit reduction is a set-back. the president's logic was the bigger deal, the grand deal would make it easier for democrats to go along with spending cuts. and easier for republicans to go along with tax increases. the white house chief of staff bill daley told abc this week the deficit was run up by president and congresss from both parties. >> obviously, no one wants to default. we shouldn't even be close to this situation. but a as a result of congress republican, democratic, democratic presidents, republican presidents who committed a country to certain
11:01 am
bills. they've got to pay them off. this president is committed to bringing economic soundness to this country and that takes a big deal. >> reporter: aides say at least at the start of this evening's session president obama will push for that big deficit reduction deal. but speaker boehner suggests it won't go far. >> jamie: when vice president biden sat everyone down and they came to a proposal for a smaller deal, why didn't he come up with the bigger grander deal when he had everyone at the table if it's really realistic? >> reporter: republicans walked out of those talks which were aiming for a deficit reduction deal after the side of the grand deal that the president wanted because democrats insisted on increase taxes as part of it. in fact, they have only agreed to the spending cuts that amount to little more than half of the $2.50 trillion deficit reduction deal. house speaker john boehner actually suggested an idea that would extend the bush administration middle class tax cut and sunset the tax
11:02 am
cuts for the wealthy on the understanding that the tax code itself would be rewritten. no one's tax rates would go up. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell suggests last week's disappointing jobs report really spooked everyone. >> we have 9.2% unemployment. their prescription is to raise taxes? i mean my goodness, who thinks that is -- the president didn't think it was a good idea in december. why do they think it's a good idea now? >> reporter: meanwhile, treasury secretary tim geithner says the closer we get to the august 2 deadline for raising the debt ceiling, the more financial markets are likely to be spooked. the more interest rates are likely to rise. jamie? >> jamie: it seems like the job numbers were a game-changer. we'll keep an eye on it. thank you for being there, wendell. we appreciate it today. eric? >> eric: addressing the government long-term budget problem is vitally important. but with today's increased unemployment rate that shot to
11:03 am
9.2% on friday, putting people back to work is as big an issue as the debt. does washington need to move from the debt debate to solving the jobs problem? tony says is consultant and ryan is a democratic consultant. welcome on sunday morning. >> thank you for having us. >> eric: you have to deal with the debt. you have to deal with the spending. but sul that effort what is going to happen today is it drowning out the jobs effort? >> listen, they are not mutually exclusive problems. the reality is that our debt and deficit problem is a drag on the overall economy. here is what the issue is. you have a hard deadline based on when you have to pass the debt ceiling. what has happened in the last two years, the sell ration of the government spend -- acceleration of the government spending, 35% in the last two years alone forced to us confront the issue before anyone expected us to. at the same time, the president's answer to creating jobs is spending more government money to the tune of $840 billion in the first
11:04 am
stimulus. that is not working. we are running out of options and running out of time. the president is at the wheel but not taking us anywhere. >> eric: what is shocking is a report said the stimulus plan showed it cost $225,000 of taxpayer money for each job. >> the weekend of the 4th of july, it was released. it said it cost almost $250,000 per stimulus created job. that is not an efficient way to do it. >> eric: ryan, what do they do? what is going to happen about seven hours from now or so when they get together at the white house? how can they solve the jobs problem? >> well, the president has got to call the g.o.p.'s bluff on this one and just make sure we don't default on our debt obligation. the only people in this country who care more about the debt than they do about jobs are the ones sitting in congress. regular americans around the country are focused on rebuilding the middle class and rebuilding the american dream. the politicians just seem tone
11:05 am
deaf and that they are not listening. >> eric: a lot of americans are really concerned about the debt crisis and money we're in the hole for, though. >> eric, there was with a pew poll in june that showed that there was an overwhelming amount of support for reducing government spending to reduce the debt and deficit. among independents it was a 54-39% ratio. the american people get the fact that we are on unsustainable course. yes, we need to focus on the job creation. most of that comes from washington getting out of the way. all we have had for two years of the democratic controlled congress in the house and senate and president is more government spending, more government regulation and more uncertainty that is handicapped the private enterprise to do what it needs to do for to us grow the economy which is to create jobs. >> eric: tony wait for a second. i'll have ryan respond. >> can you trust the republicans on this issue? you know, vice president dick cheney said that deficits don't matter. then the republicans at the
11:06 am
time, they talked about starving the beast by running up the huge deficit. now the people that created the debt that we're having to deal with now are the ones saying they don't want to pay the bills they helped create. i think it's just irresponsible. >> eric: ryan, look at that number right there. it's going up, up, up like a roller coaster. we want it to go down. it was a shock on friday. when the unemployment rate went up from 9.1%. how do we get it down? ryan, how do we get the jobs back? >> well, i will put it to you this way. if president obama wants to get re-elected he needs to quickly call the g.o.p. bluff on the debt talk and take social security off the table and then he needs to put americans back to work and focus on rebuilding the middle class. that is his only path to victory in the next election. >> you know, let's be honest about this for a moment. who is really bluffing right now? the president appointed a debt commission. that was bipartisan. that came out with $4 trillion of cuts.
11:07 am
not even a year ago. they were bipartisanly accepted. in that came the call for tax reform, which both sides agreed to. kent conrad, erskine bowles, al simpson, very good republicans and democrats came to the table and made a good will effort. the president got that and he summarily rejected those cuts. now with the deadline back and jobs number that is dropping and unemployment rising and the cost of living rising and the wages dropping, he says we need to be honest about this. you call this a republican bluff? we have all been at table ready to work. the president has come late to the game. he can't change it around fast enough. >> eric: ryan, last word. >> well, look, you know, the one thing that the republicans have to do is admit there has to be a revenue side solution to the problem, as well as the cutting solution. they need to be honest about the fact we need to take back the bush tax cut on the top 2% and be honest that corporations around america need to pay their fair share like the rest of us. if they won't acknowledge that simple fact they're not worth negotiating with on the issue.
11:08 am
>> eric: that is the debate. tony and ryan are talking about it right now and they'll be talking about it behind closed doors at the white house in seven hours from now. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. ♪ ♪ >> jamie: dramatic new developments unfolding right now in syria. syria's vice president is calling for his country to transition to democracy. the explosive statement today kicked off a government sponsored summit on reform. the meeting being boycotted by opposition leaders because of the deadly government crackdown on protesters by president bashar assad's regime. >> eric: we are learning that leon panetta is arriving in iraq on his first trip there as u.s. defense secretary. mr. panetta saying he will press bag dag t baghdad to go ae militants attacking our forces with iranian rockets. the united states is scheduled to withdrawal all of the remaining 46,000 troops from iraq by the end of this year.
11:09 am
jamie? >> jamie: the killing of usama bin laden by u.s. commandos last may sent relations with pakistan in a tail spin. this morning the ties are taking another hit. the white house confirming a new report in the "new york times" that the u.s. is looking to suspend a big chunk of military aid we give to pakistan. the amount of assistance that could be put on hold totals $800 million. peter doocy live in washington with the details. peter? >> reporter: jamie, as you said, we're going to stop sending $800 million in aid to pakistan security because the administration says they aren't doing a good enough job helping us catch terrorists around they kicked 100 u.s. army trainers out of the country a few weeks ago now. the $800 million figure here does not represent every dime we give pakistan for security. they get about $2 billion a year from us. but rolling that back by a third could bring more tension to already strained relationship that was highlighted in may when the u.s. went in to abadibad.
11:10 am
they summed it up this morning. >> obviously, they have been an ponderal lie in the fight of terrorism and victim of amount of terrorism but they have taken steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were giving to their military. >> reporter: and chief of staff daley said we are just going to withhold the hundred of millions of dollars until the relationship with pakistan is patched up. this move will not affect nonmilitary aid payment. pakistan will still get a lot in security assistance from us which is key because some critics look at this and are getting worried because the last time we cut off pakistan totally in the '90s they were caught building nuclear weapons and it might not be a step in the right direction if we do it again. >> jamie: they have them already. thank, peter. good to see you. >> eric: the white house facing major backlash over the
11:11 am
decision to try suspected terrorist in civilian court right here on u.s. soil. wait until you hear what the chairman of the house homeland security committee has to say about this one. plus, it's not just gas prices that are sky high. it's the cost of food has been going up. coming up, we'll have new tips on how to save a few bucks on your next trip to the grocery store. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds."
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11:15 am
>> jamie: a fox news alert right now. after a 30-year history, the last docking of atlantis on the international space station, as it pulled up to the i.f.s., mission control declared this is it. they will offload the 10 orbiting astronauts. it will take a week. four tons of supplies. you are looking at it live as atlantis is docked to the international space station. they have everything on there from food and clothing, other space station provision. it represents a year's worth of supplies providing safety net for the safety crews. a live look at the nasa tv at the shuttle dock to the international space station.
11:16 am
>> eric: now crews in india are scrambling through the wreckage looking for survivors of a deadly train crash there. look at the video. it shows the chaos at the scene. at least 31 passengers were killed in that crash. more than 100 others were hurt. the express train derailed after it was heading to new delhi from calcutta when 12 of the cars flew off the tracks. >> jamie: there are serious concerns over skyrocketing food costs. prices are rising on everything you are buying from the bakery to the butcher. how about the hiddal markup that the stores work in their prices? is the food you are buying already busting your budget? what can you do to keep more green in your wallet? in today's take charge consumer protection segment, we have the inside track on how to not pay more than you have to for your groceries and where the best savings deals are out there.
11:17 am
how to get your hands on them? i'm joined by adroya, a money savings expert. great to meet you. >> thank you for having me on. >> jamie: we don't want to pay a penny more than we have to. where are the hidden markup? i made a full screen. the first one that took my breath away was in the meet department. >> we are seeing the stores mark up cost of meat from 30 to 60%. because meat have shelf life of five to seven days and to make up for the losses they need to raise the prices. even if you see the smaller cut up pieces of meat, whether for the stir-fry or throw on the grill, those are sometimes marked up as much as 300%. you are paying for labor and the convenience. clearly buying a larger slab of meat, asking the butcher to
11:18 am
cut it up for you is the way to reduce the cost. as well, look for meats that are closer to their sell-by date. the stores will reduce the price on those. also, look at a warehouse store. store. >> jamie: i want to get through all of these because at the end i have a reward for viewers, websites with coupons that you can clip. you say bakery goods can be marked up 100%. cereal, you pay for a big box, you hardly get anything inside. 44%. and spices you say the store brand versus brand name can make a huge difference on spices. what should we do where these prices are concerned? >> first of all, looking at the generic version compared to the brand name. you are looking at paying for the packaging, the marketing, the advertising. you are paying 30 to 40% more. always consider generic. shop by price and crumple numbers. you want to compare the price per unit. the ftc found buying larger
11:19 am
packages of cereal, ketchup, mustard or mayo aren't necessarily cheaper than the smaller packages. look for the price per unit to find out which will cost you less. >> jamie: spices you say go to health food store as opposed to convenience picking them up at the grocery store. >> they are marked up a lot more at the local grocery store. look at the natural food stores where you can find them at nearly 50, 60% less. >> jamie: reat. we have already saved a little bit of money for folks. if you are a coupon clipper and we have seen the shows now with the extreme coupon clipping, can it really make a difference? where can you find one-stop shop for great deals on coupon? >> spending 20 minutes per week can save you $1,000 year looking for coupons. what is so nice, technology made coupons readily available and convenient for everyday consumers to redeem the
11:20 am
coupons. you can find them on your mobile phone or on the internet and print them out. you can also find them on your local grocery website. and load them up on your loyalty reward card. now you don't need to clip your coupons. >> jamie: what i love is is the first one. you mention the cell phone. i think is brilliant. it haven't visited it yet but you say you can put them right on your phone? >> right. it's an app that allows you to pull up coupons on your phone so when you are shopping you can load up the app cellfire. couponsherpa has a mobile coupon app now. they are releasing a grocery section this week as well. where you will be able to pull up the manufacturer coupons right on your phone. if you can pair those with the store coupons, or the store sales prices, you are now all of a sudden driving that price down deeper at a better discount. >> jamie: double coupon day is a good day to go. stack your coupons.
11:21 am
i love this, because a lot of people don't balance their checkbooks but another reason to look at your bank statement as you mentioned, is that the bill >> yes. bill shrink is working with several top national banks. they're analyzing your spending habits. providing you coupons, targeted coupons per the transaction that you are making on a regular basis. so if you frequently visit a restaurant they will offer you coupons based on that. those will come via your online banking statement. check your banking statement for coupons as well. you can also find coupons on the back of your grocery receipt. these are considered catalina and they're targeted at purchases you make frequently there are tons of places to look for coupons. also via facebook and twitter, following your favorite brands. your favorite manufacturer brands. maybe your cereal brands. you could find coupons that way. even contacting the manufacturer directly. via e-mail or calling them up. they will send you coupons that way as well.
11:22 am
>> jamie: yippee! we're saving money. it's great, because a lot of people say no, i don't clip coupons in this economy, why not? thank you so much. great to meet you. >> thank you. you, too. >> jamie: i hope this was helpful for folks. if you want to take charge on a number of consumer issues and why not? go to, click on america's news headquarters page. and look for a link to many of this program's take charge consumer protection segments. eric? >> eric: that is great information. good advice. somali terrorist suspect captured abroad and is now sitting on u.s. soil right here awaiting a civilian trial. why isn't the white house sending him to gitmo? the decision infuriated republicans in congress. and the chairman of the house homeland security committee, congressman peter king will join us to talk about this coming up. um is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d
11:23 am
for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. for the efficient absorption my body needs. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> eric: here are the headlines we're following for you right now. inspectors are examining a
11:26 am
208-foot tall roller coaster in buffalo, new york, after an army veteran who lost his legs in iraq was thrown from the roller coaster. the sergeant was ejected on friday at the ride at the darian lake theme park near buffalo. leon panetta arriving in iraq on the first trip there as u.s. defense secretary. he says he will press baghdad to decide on the future of the u.s. military presence. there are no reports of additional problems as japan's nuclear plant. a tsunami warning after an earthquake. the quake hit the northeastern coast today in the same general area devastated by the massive quake and tsunami in march. >> jamie: the obama administration is facing sharp criticism for its decision to try the so ma'amly terror suspect -- somali terror
11:27 am
suspect in u.s. civilian court. republicans are accusing the white house circumventing congressional bans on transferring terror suspect to u.s. soil. joining me now, new york republican congressman peter king, chairman of the house homeland security committee. good morning. >> good morning, jamie. how are you? >> jamie: i'm great. good to see you. this particular terrorist, ahmed warsame was captured on april 19, questioned for two months on a u.s. navy ship in international waters and brought back to the united states in new york, in fact, to face a civil trial. what is wrong here? >> let me give the administration credit for capturing him and keep him for two months of interrogation. he was a high-value person. but it's almost schizophrenic. he was captured as an enemy combatant and treated as an enemy combat tant and now they are giving him all the constitutional protections.
11:28 am
given miranda rights warning, taken to civilian court. he should have been taken to guantanamo. no reason he was given miranda rights at all. i don't believe he has to give him a trial but they will give him one in a and it should be done in military tribunal and not treating him the same as an american citizen or someone captured with a civilian-type crime. >> jamie: in the old days before the obama administration, we would have taken the prisoner to one of the c.i.a. facilities. internationally. where they would have done their questioning. what happened to -- i mean we know we don't have those right now as an option. but guantanamo remains open at the president's request. isn't that where all of this should take place? wasn't the whole point to bring back the military tribunals? >> that is the point. we have tribunals and this is for the case of someone capture overseas in effect in
11:29 am
battle zone. he is enemy comba combatant. the first executive order for president obama was close guantanamo. he's doing a gad job to fight al-qaeda but he can't make the second step, the final step that this is a war and the people should be treated as enemy combatants in world war ii, we captured the nazi soldiers we didn't bring them to trial in lower manhattan. they were treated as prisoners of war. these people are enemy combatants. i have been to guantanamo. that is where they should be kept. seen it, it's modern facility. give them a trial and have it before military court. >> jamie: last week, warsame pleaded not guilty at the arraignment. it's believed after things were confiscated, his computer, handwriting analysis, usb drive, memory card that is all in evidence the case he is a high-level commander in al shabab. i want to ask you about that,
11:30 am
because the next radicalization hearing will look at al shabazz. they have activities in a state that most people wouldn't imagine. tell us about it. >> in the state of minnesota, young people recruited, ral callize and taken overseas for training. we know of three dozen and there are probably quite a few more than that. these are young men, primarily from the minnesota area. ohio and other states but the early minneapolis and minnesota. they have been taken from minnesota and the community and they are overseas. i believe in many cases it was not sufficient cooperation by leaders in the community out there. the families are trying to find out where the sons were and they were not told. one of the young men was kill and the family went to the f.b.i., the imam warned the people in the mosque not to cooperate with the f.b.i. now the concern is that al shabab from somalia is linking up with al-qaeda in the
11:31 am
arabian peninsula in yemen. al-awlaki and yemen wants to attack the united states so he would have at his disposal young men who are american citizens, tam with the united states and trained by el shabab and aqap and that is a real danger, which is why i'm having a hearing this month on threat that it poses to the united states. especially if it links up with al-awlaki and yemen. >> and al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the two organizations together we talk about how leon panetta says al-qaeda could be wiped out. but if they get together, that group, that could be very deadly on our shores. the fact that this went on in minnesota, are we learning about it in time? what do you think the training could potentially lead to on our shores? what are they training to do? >> they are training to the terrorists in somalia. i never agreed with this, but thinking this is not a threat to the u.s.
11:32 am
trained to find them in somalia but now we have a reason to believe they are linking up with al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula to attack the united states. al-awlaki head of the al-qaeda of arabian peninsula made it clear he wants to attack the united states there is a real concern and a real fear that he will be using el shabab to do that, there will be a link-up. i agree with leon panetta. we made tremendous progress against central al-qaeda. but as we do that we have the franchises performing. al-qaeda of arabian peninsula and el shabab are two of them. we still have the franchises and the recent attack against the u.s. were not carried out by al-qaeda. it was carried out by the aqap, with the major hasan at fort hood and the times square bomber was trained by the al-qaeda in pakistan. it doesn't have to be central
11:33 am
al-qaeda. i can be franchises that are in many more ways are more dangerous. most people in intelligence committee believe al-awlaki was more powerful and lethal than bin laden was. it was great we killed bin laden. i think it's been supplanted as a major terrorist by al-awlaki. >> it's a tough place to get intel, too. you're tracking a terror trial going on this week that will begin here on our shores. thank you for the update. and it's good we're all aware of the concerns the work of the committee. >> jamie: thank you. good seeing you. >> jamie: great to see you, too. eric? >> eric: president obama is set to meet with congressional leaders at the white house six hours from now. they're both working overtime to hammer out a date that everyone can live with. sharp division over tax hike and benefit cuts, with that,
11:34 am
success is far from given. doug mckelway is live on capitol hill with the latest. how big is the gap between the white house and the republicans? >> reporter: nothing demonstrates the ideological divide between the two parties as the breakdown of talks that occurred last night. talks breaking down because of the pressure exerted against party leaders by their rank and file. the $4 trillion grand plan by the republicans, because of the suggestion on their part to increase taxes of any kind but scuddled on the democrats part to refuse to accept any cut to social security or medicare. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell speaking to bret baier on "fox news sunday." listen to what he had to say. >> a big deal, a $4 trillion deal now off the table? >> well, i think it is, because everything they have told me and the speaker a big
11:35 am
package require big tax increase in the middle of the economic situation that is extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. a terrible idea. job killer. >> on the other hand, 70 democrats on friday signing a letter to the president of the united states signals their unwillingness to cut medicare or social security. saying that that would be a nonstarter. they feel why should they budge on their sacred cows when the republicans are refusing to budge on their sacred cow. vice chairman of the caucus xavier becerra speaking to bret baier this morning. >> everything has to be on the table. pretty quickly, my republican colleagues say everything can be on the table except taxes. that doesn't seem fair. this >> this is shaping up to
11:36 am
immovable object against another immovable object. no one budge something far. >> eric: they will get together behind closed doors at the white house. where do we expect negotiations to do tonight? >> reporter: nobody really knows. for practical purposes, we're back at a smaller bargaining chip. look at the $2 trillion of cuts to the grand par gan in cuts. like where they were under the vice president negotiating, the gang of six. keep in mind, house majority leader walked out from senator kyl on the talk and same thing they walked out over blew it up last night. tax increases for the wealthy. they are not going to budge. john boehner does not have the votes in the house. he needs 80 and he doesn't have them in the house. nobody knows where it will go. >> eric: either it will be a late night meeting when they are burning the midnight oil
11:37 am
or really short one. doug? thank you so much. >> okay. >> coming up, a story of pride and patriotism. an american flag that flew above the site after 9/11 is making its way back to ground zero. we have that story for you next. [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea? how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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